We’re sure you have questions. Go ahead and find the answers.

Do my parents and I have to come in to sign a lease?

No! We do everything electronically, so you and your parents can sign everything from home.


How close are you to campus?

We are approximately 3.5 miles from the downtown campus, 2.5 miles from the Evansdale Campus, and 2 miles from the Health Science Campus. We offer free, private shuttle service to and from all three campuses

What is a guarantor, and do I need one?

A guarantor is typically a parent or guardian who acts as a co-signor on the apartment. You do not have to use a guarantor, but most of our residents do. Without a guarantor, you will need self-guarantee. A self- guarantee deposit is 2 times the monthly installment paid upfront.

What lease terms does The Lofts offer?

The Lofts offers "term leasing," which means your lease is offered to you in a lump sum and divided into 12 equal rental installments. Our standard lease term is 12 installments, beginning in August and ending the following July. For immediate or mid-year move-ins, your move-in/move-out dates are tailored to your specific needs and agreed upon prior to signing. If you are a current resident, please reference your lease to find information regarding the specific terms of your lease. If you have any questions regarding your lease please contact the knowledgeable staff at The Lofts 304-598-0001.

What is my mailing address?

Your mailing address is 5000 Station St., your apartment number, bedroom letter, Morgantown, WV 26508.EXAMPLE: 5000 Station St, Apt 1002 A, Morgantown, WV 26508

How do I submit a maintenance request?

Easy! Just log in to your resident portal, click on “Maintenance Request,” fill out the form provided, and submit. When completing your request form, please make sure you are as detailed as possible so we can best serve you. Maintenance will respond within 24-48 hours and will keep you updated until the situation is resolved.

Who do I call after hours if there is an emergency?

You can use our After-Hours Emergency Maintenance number 304-598-0001 anytime. If you are in immediate physical danger, please call 911.

Where do I pick up packages delivered to me?

USPS, UPS, and Fedex deliver packages to The Lofts Clubhouse, and our friendly staff will store it for you and send you an email notification.

What size bedding should I purchase?

The beds are Full XL, but Queen Size bedding will do the trick! Standard mattresses are provided on every bed. We recommend purchasing a mattress pad or topper if you need additional support.

What are the window measurements?

1 Bedroom- Living Room: 62x72, Bedroom: 30x72 2 Bedroom- Kitchen: 62x48, Bedrooms: 30x72, Bathroom B: 30x48 3 Bedroom- Living Room: 30x72 and 30x48, Bedrooms: 30x72 4 Bedroom- Living Room: 62x72, Bedrooms: 30x72, Bathroom B, C: 30x48 4 Bedroom Penthouse- Living Room: 62x72, Penthouse: 30x72, Bedrooms: 30x72, Bathroom B, C: 30x48

Are you pet friendly?

We are pet friendly and allow dogs and cats that are older than four months old pending management approval. Management will not approve more than 2 pets within a single unit or apartment. A non-refundable $350 pet fee, as well as an additional $35 per month in pet rent will be assessed per pet. We do follow ADA guidelines for assistance and service animals.

Can I cancel my lease?

Yes. A lease take over policy is in place for anyone looking to get out of their lease early. If you have 6 installments or more left on your lease, your replacement must take over the remainder of your lease. If you have 6 installments or less left on your lease, your replacement must take over the remainder of your lease, plus the following year. In either case, a Lofts leasing professional must approve your replacement before they can be allowed to take over your lease. If we assist you with finding a qualified replacement, you (the resident terminating the lease) must pay a lease take over fee equal to 1 times the primary's monthly installment. All monies paid prior to terminating a lease are non-refundable.

Is parking available?

Yes, every resident gets one parking permit and there is visitor parking around the complex.

If I pay in full, do I get a discount?

No, but by paying in full you will avoid late fees!